Splash ScreenSwiftScales Virtual Vocal Trainer
Singing at the microphoneMade for singers, by singersSwiftScales Vocal ExercisesThe first app to simulate being at the piano with a vocal coach
Piano KeysConstant, Consistent ImprovementSwiftScales is as challenging or gentle as you like, in real timeSwiftScales Swype InterfaceHelping HandHelping Hand
Singing InspirationNever PlateauSwiftScales Routines ViewerSwiftScales Scale Editor
Singing InspirationBreath MeterBreath MeterBreath MeterSing in PitchBreathe inPitch MeterBreathing Exercises for the Complete Beginner

System requirements:  iOS 6.0 | Android  2.3.3

Singing beginner? You want this app. Expert Vocalist? You need this app. Vocal coach? We think you get the idea!

SWIFTSCALES Virtual Vocal Trainer is the most versatile, easy to use vocal training app for singers of all skill levels.

Learn to sing, warm up, and train your voice with your own virtual vocal coach.

Available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

  • First user interface of its kind

  • Built in sessions from beginner to expert

  • No prior musical knowedge required

  • Create custom sessions of any difficulty

  • Complete control of sessions in real-time

  • Unlimited amount of training variation

  • Create your own custom scale patterns

  • Professionally recorded audio samples

  • Bonus Reading and exercises for novices

  • Video Tutorials for app usage

  • Contextual help on every page of the app

  • Supports every mobile device size/shape