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A perfect tool for vocalist and music teachers. We are suggesting to all singers coming to record at Garden Rock Studios to get the app and see how it can help you!

G R StudiosiOS

Used everyday for a couple of months I’m a beginner singer and I’ve used this app everyday for almost 2 months now. I can feel my voice developing lots and I’m confident that it’s an incredibly useful tool to develop your singing voice.

Chris L.Android

This is so cool. Really the best. I know it will improve my voice. Finally, someone came up with this. Brilliant!

Lee C.iOS

Excellent app – Vocalist and teacher here! Your app is quickly becoming a great help in my daily work, huge props! Happy and impressed, going to explore deeper and recommend it to my students and colleagues. Sharing features and custom scales are very promising!

Emily S.Android

Fabulous! Wish I’d had this a year ago. It is an excellent accompaniment to my work with a voice teacher.

Peter C.iOS

Best Voice App Ever!!:) Voice training exercises are an awesome tool from beginners to professionals, love this App:)!!

Kimberly J.Android

This is a beautifully designed app for the serious singer. Simple to learn, easy to use and limited only by your imagination. Try it; you will LOVE it.

Kay B.iOS

Loved it.  Bought it, wonderful app. Enables me to do vocal exercises, scales etc, anywhere.  Absolutely indispensable and an immediate addition to my music toolkit.

Bryden M.Android

This is an amazing app, I’ve always wanted to learn to sing better and this makes it so easy. My granddaughter loves the little piano

Brooke D.iOS

Superb free singing app. This app offers so many useful features for the free version. I have used so many of the features and exercises. It is the best vocal training app I have ever used. Definitely will recommend it to my friends!

Isaac N.Android

I’m still learning all of this amazing apps features but I’ve come so far already. This is the real deal!

Mickel J.iOS

Fantastic Vocal Coach!! This app is all you need to warm up and train your voice! Very well done, lots of features! Looking forward to having more songs added in the future!

Ash R.Android

This app is super…unique, focused, and like having my own vocal trainer. I wish I had thought of this.

Merina L.iOS

Just perfect! Both for beginners and professional singers. I got the pro version and I’m definitely satisfied 100%.

Bandb BAndroid

Best app of 2016!! Love it! Exactly what I needed! So user friendly!

Alex BiOS

Awesome! This is an incredible way to supplement and keep track of lessons. The create your own scale and routine is awesome as well. And, yes I upgraded 🙂  Thanks for making such a great product!

Kevin D.Android

System requirements:  iOS 6.0 | Android  2.3.3