SwiftScales Version History

version 1.8.4 (Initial Release)

June 19, 2016

Primary App Features
-First user interface of its kind
-Built in sessions from beginner to expert
-No prior musical knowedge required
-Create custom sessions of any difficulty
-Complete control of sessions in real-time
-Unlimited amount of training variation
-Create your own custom scale patterns
-Professionally recorded audio samples
-Bonus Reading and exercises for novices
-Video Tutorials for using the app
-Contextual help on every page of the app
-Supports every mobile device size/shape

version 2.0.1

July 14, 2016

New features:
-Sharing Center allows users to share their custom scales/routines on the cloud!
-Tranpose the start notes of entire routines with a few taps
-Set custom start notes for preset routines
-Contextual Contact Support buttons
-Displays start note of each scale when viewing routine details

-Increased custom scale name length limit to 20 characters
-Promo Code Dialog automatically removes whitespace for easy copy/pasting
-Improved sharp symbol

-On screen keyboard staying open when returning to the app
-Textboxes automatically being saved on app suspension
-Video helper popup staying open in certain cases
-Twitter link reformatted

version 2.1.0

Oct 15, 2016

New Features:
-Notes of total range sung displayed on dashboard
-Countdown added on breathing exercise to aid timing

-Screen timeout disabled on autoplay & breath exercise
-Added version code when contacting support
-Added Pitch Pipe app link to splash screen

-Bug when opening dashboard as a new user